Young virtuoso Giuseppe Guarrera performs Beethoven’s magnificent Piano Concerto no. 4 under the baton of Maestro Maximilian Fane. Schumann’s Symphony No. 2 follows a long interval of dining and jazz in the gardens. Music continues with the traditional midnight concert at the church of Ognissanti given by Quartetto Werther performing Schumann’s Piano Quartet in E flat major.

at 19:30
Chanson de Matin & Chanson de Nuit
Op. 15, Nos. 1 & 2
by Edward Elgar

Piano Concerto No. 4
in G major, Op. 58
by Ludwig van Beethoven
Soloist: Giuseppe Guarrera

60 mins
60 mins
Symphony No. 2 in C major,
Op. 61 by R.Schumann

Conducted by
Maximilian Fane
with the
Orchestra Senzaspine

45 mins
at the Church of Ognissanti

45 mins

Orchestra Senzaspine is an association numbering nearly 450 musicians under 35. All of them work together to progress an ambitious mission: to ensure that classical music is loved by the general public and to offer young orchestral musicians the chance to confront the most challenging and fascinating symphonic repertoire. All of this is achieved with a pop and social approach which projects the elegance of tradition into the future, pivoting on the formula of the “concert-spectacle” and conceived to dispel the false myths that commonly dictate how classical music is perceived. The orchestra was born in 2013 by two friends: the young directors Tommaso Ussardi and Matteo Parmeggiani, currently President and Vice President of the association, respectively. Orchestra Senzaspine, in changing formations, has already performed over 400 musical events and collaborated with internationally renowned soloists such as Enrico Dindo, Dejan Bogdanovich, Sofya Gulyak and Laura Marzadori, first violinist of the Teatro alla Scala. Many of the latter performers have sold out in the most prestigious theatres of Bologna. Today, the orchestra is able to offer professional job opportunities to musicians and, at the same time, promote innovative activities to get us listening, as in the case of the flash mob “Conduct Us”. In addition to symphonic and chamber concerts, the activity of Orchestra Senzaspine, which also includes a choir and a children’s choir, ranges from auditions to performances, training experience, round table discussions and collaborations between different sectors of the arts, to competitions for young talents and projects designed for schools. Six years since its conception, Orchestra Senzaspine has become a cultural wave that engulfs Bologna, and beyond, with its notion that classical music is not there just to listen to, but to live.


at the Church of Ognissanti – 45 mins

Piano quartet in E-flat major, Op. 47 by Robert Schumann

Performed by the Quartetto Werther